Served with home fries or grits, toast, biscuit, or English muffin

3 Egg Classic Omelet

Cheese $6.00

Your choice of up to three cheeses

Spinach & Cheese $6.99

Your choice of cheese

Western $6.99

Ham, green pepper, onion and cheese

Ham & Cheese $6.99

Smoked ham and cheddar

Bacon, Ham and Cheese $7.99

Bacon, smoked ham, and cheddar

Veggie $6.99

Tomato, green pepper, onion and mushroom with or without cheese

Turkey & Swiss $7.99

Grilled chopped turkey

Scrapple & Cheese $6.99

Your choice of cheese

Corned Beef Hash $7.99

Filled with grilled corned beef hash and your choice of cheese

Cream Chipped Beef $7.99

Filled with signature home fries cheddar cheese and topped with cream chipped beef

Southwest Grilled Chicken $8.49

Grilled chicken breast with green peppers, onion, mushroom, tomato and cheddar and topped with salsa and sour cream

Meatlovers $8.99

Ham, sausage, bacon & scrapple

Made to order Omelet $8.99

Choose up to 3 meats with your choice of vegetables & cheese

Shrimp $9.99

grilled shrimp with your choice of cheese and vegetables

Crab $11.99

sautéed crabmeat, fried onion, green pepper and your choice of cheese

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