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Homestyle Lunch

Ask your server about our daily specials

From the Deli

Served with chips & pickle
(substitute fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings for $1.99)

Classic Club: Turkey, ham, bacon & American cheese on choice of bread $6.99

Turkey & Swiss Club: Turkey, Swiss cheese & bacon on your choice of bread $6.99

Super Club: Double turkey, ham and bacon on thick sliced whole grain wheat bread $8.99

Classic Reuben: Premium corned beef with sauerkraut and melted Swiss with thousand island dressing on grilled rye $7.99

Pastrami on Rye: *Ask for it grilled* Your choice of cheese $7.99

New Yorker:  Grilled corned beef & pastrami with melted Swiss cheese caramelized onions on deli rye  $11.99

Turkey: Roasted sliced turkey with any cheese on choice of bread $5.99

Ham & Cheese: Smoked ham with any cheese on choice of bread $5.99

BLT: Choice of bread stuffed with thick sliced smoked bacon, crisp lettuce and tomato $4.25

Super BLT: Almost a pound of smoked Bacon on thick sliced whole grain wheat bread with lettuce and tomato $8.99

Egg Salad: Classic fresh made creamy egg salad on choice of bread $3.99

Chicken Salad: White meat chicken salad made fresh on choice of bread $4.99

Tuna Salad: Traditional deli tuna fresh made with tiny bits of crunchy celery on choice of bread $4.99

Hot Sandwiches

Served with chips & pickle
(substitute fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings for $1.99)

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich:  House breaded chicken breast covered in our buffalo sauce  $5.99

Crab Cake Sandwich: 5 oz our special recipe southern Maryland crab cake on toasted roll  Market Price 

Little Fish: Lightly battered fish on toasted roll $5.99

Tuna Melt: Our classic tuna on choice of bread with melted American cheese $5.99

Meatloaf: Our specially seasoned meat loaf on your choice of bread $4.99

Grilled Chicken: Marinated grilled chicken breast on toasted roll $5.99

Breaded Chicken: House-breaded chicken breast on toasted roll $5.49

Ham & Swiss: Shaved grilled, smoked ham with melted Swiss on toasted roll $4.99

Patti Melt: 6 oz burger with sautéed onions and melted cheese on grilled rye $5.99
Grilled Cheese: Creamy melted cheese on grilled Texas Toast $3.99

Ultimate Grilled Cheese:  Four specially selected cheeses on buttery grilled Texas Toast   $5.99

Hot Dog: Classic $2.99

Chili & Cheese Dog $3.49

Marie's Specialty Sandwiches

Served with chips & pickle
(substitute fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings for $1.99)

Gold Rush: Chicken breast tenderloins drizzled with honey, bacon and melted Provolone $5.99

Turkey Rachel: Turkey, coleslaw, melted Swiss with 1000 island dressing on grilled rye $7.99

Turkey Bacon Ranch: Sliced turkey with bacon & choice of melted cheese on grilled Kaiser roll $6.99

Chicken - Bacon Melt: Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon & melted Provolone cheese $6.99

Chicken Salad with Bacon: On choice of bread $5.99

Pulled Pork:  BBQ pulled pork topped with coleslaw on a toasted roll  $7.99  

The Dave:  1/4 pound of sliced steak covered in melted American cheese topped with a fried egg on a toasted roll    $5.99 


Chicken Tenders: (3) Served with fries and coleslaw $5.99

Fish & Chips: 2 Pieces of battered fish with fries & coleslaw $6.99

Shrimp Basket: Full basket of 6 lightly breaded jumbo shrimp served with fries and coleslaw $9.99

Crab Cake Basket: Our special recipe 5 oz crab cake (1) with fries & coleslaw Market Price


Our special blend 6 oz burgers served with chips & pickle
(substitute fries, sweet fries or onion rings for $1.99)
Your choice of cheese (make it a double for $1.50)

Burger $5.99
Bacon Burger $6.99
Marie's Burger: Topped with caramelized onions, melted blue cheese and bacon $7.99

Mushroom & Swiss Burger: Sauteed mushrooms topped with gravy and melted Swiss $7.99

Ham & Swiss Burger: Topped with shaved smoked ham & melted Swiss $7.99

Chili Cheese Burger: Covered with chili & melted Cheddar cheese $7.99

Blue Cheese Burger: Topped with crumbled blue cheese $7.99

Barbecue Burger: Topped with a jumbo onion ring and tangy barbecue sauce $5.99

Breakfast Burger: Topped with bacon & fried egg $7.99

Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger:  Topped with blue cheese, buffalo sauce & jalapeno peppers   $7.99


Add sautéed  onions, green peppers, mushrooms or hot peppers, pickles & your choice of cheese or bacon $.75

9" Steak & Cheese (classic): Seasoned sliced steak with your choice of cheese on a toasted sub roll $7.99

9" Italian Cheese Steak: Topped with marinara sauce, grilled onions & green peppers with melted Provolone on a toasted sub roll  $7.99

9" Chicken Cheese Steak: Sliced chicken with grilled green peppers & onions topped with your choice of cheese on a toasted sub roll  $7.99

Club Sub:  Turkey, ham, bacon & American cheese on Italian sub roll

Haddock Sub:  10 oz breaded haddock filet on a toasted sub roll   $9.99

Meatball Sub:  Covered in our marinara sauce topped with melted Provolone cheese on a toasted sub roll  $6.99

Chicken Parmesan Sub:  Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara & melted Provolone cheese on a toasted sub roll    $6.99

Italian Cold Cut Sub:  Fresh sliced salami, mortadela  & capicola on a soft Italian roll    $7.99

Crab Cake Sub:  Two house made 5 oz crab cakes     Market Price

Chicken Salad Sub:  House made chicken salad on a sub roll  $6.99

Tuna Salad Sub:  House made tuna salad on a sub roll  $6.99

Veggie Sub:  Grilled onions, mushrooms, tomato & green peppers on a sub roll  $6.99

Pulled Pork Sub:  Pulled pork BBQ topped with coleslaw on a sub roll   $8.99

Italian Sausage & Pepper Sub:  Two Italian grilled sausages with sautéed peppers & onions   $7.99

Lunch Meals

Served with your choice of any two sides

Open Faced Hot Turkey Sandwich: Sliced turkey breast over sliced bread topped with rich turkey gravy $7.99

Open Faced Hot Roast Beef Sandwich: Sliced slow roasted beef over sliced bread covered in savory beef gravy $7.99

Liver & Onions: Seasoned & pan-fried topped with sauteed onions $7.99

Meatloaf: Our recipe in house made meatloaf $7.99

Country Fried Steak: Sirloin breaded & fried, covered in white country gravy $7.99

Pork Chop: 1 thick cut pork chop grilled or battered & country fried $7.99

Country Fried Chicken: Boneless chicken breast seasoned, hand battered & fried $7.99


Served with choice of dressing: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, French, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette, or Fat Free Sun Dried Tomato

Side Salad: Lettuce, shredded carrots, tomato $2.25

House Salad: Lettuce, shredded carrots, green pepper strips, cucumber, tomato $3.99

Chef Salad: Lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomato, sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced smoked ham & roasted turkey topped with croutons and shredded cheddar cheese $7.99

Chicken Tender Salad: Bed of salad greens with cheddar cheese, tomato & croutons topped with three breaded white meat chicken tenderloins $7.99

Cobb Salad (Classic): Lettuce greens, chopped smoked bacon, cubed chicken breast, chopped egg, blue cheese crumbles, tomato $7.99

Grilled Chicken Salad: Bed of salad greens with cheddar cheese, tomato & croutons topped with sliced Fire Grilled Chicken Breast $7.99

Caesar Salad: Chopped romaine lettuce tossed with classic Caesar dressing & shredded parmesan cheese & crispy croutons $4.99
Caesar salad with grilled chicken $6.99


Soup of the Day: Cup $1.99 | Bowl $3.99

Cream of Crab: Cup $2.99 | Bowl $5.99

Chili: Cup $1.99 | Bowl $4.50


French Fry Basket (1 lb) $2.99

Sweet Potato Fries (1 lb) $3.99

Onion Ring Basket $3.99

Coleslaw $1.75

Fried Okra $1.75

Corn Fritters $1.75

Apple Sauce $1.75

Potato Salad $1.75

Macaroni & Cheese $1.75

Green Beans  $1.75

Broccoli $1.75

Cinnamon Apples  $1.75

Vegetable of the Day $1.75

Mashed Potato $1.75

Cornbread $.75

Bacon Cheese Fries Lunch Size
Crispy fries with melted cheddar cheese, topped with crumbled bacon $5.99

Southern Gravy Fries
1 pound of crispy fries served in a bowl topped with rich gravy $3.99


Iced Tea (unsweetened or southern sweet) - free refills $2.25

Soft Drinks - free refills: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Mr. Pibb, Root Beer, Raspberry Tea, Orange $2.25

Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate $1.99

Juice (no refills): Orange, Apple, Cranberry or Tomato
Small $2.29 | Large $2.95

Milk (no refills) $2.25

Chocolate Milk (no refills) $2.49

Shakes & Floats

Hand Dipped Shakes $4.25

Rootbeer, Coke or Orange Sickle Float $2.99

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